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Boxing game "Pro gift"


Boxer Gift is a modern amusement machine that measures the strength of the blow for each player and also with certain number of points a player can win a prize. Once a player reaches 555 or 444 points he receive a small prize and the amount of 666 or 777 points give him bigger reward. The machine ensures high earnings at each location, both indoors and outdoors. This model will be notice by every person thanks to applied numerous LEDs, lighting effects and sound.

Other advantages of Boxer Gift:

  • tempered glass for increased strength
  • glamorous and bright backlight
  • The unique design of the limited edition
  • waterproof
  • protecting the electronics and power supply from possible moisture
  • Total reliability machine
  • Machine type gift earns an average of four times more than ordinary boxer machines
  • durable construction
  • attractive price
  • Optional ability to install machine to give balls with prizes


  • Hight: 215cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Depth: 110cm
  • Weight: 150kg
Also available in "deluxe" and in "double strike gift"