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Clawmachine medium deluxe (rental)


The deluxe crane medium has a solid metal cabinet.    1

It’s fully auditable, has easily accessible electronics, has a removable control panel and a four-point lock.

We can program he following for you:
  1. Grabsucces
    - a game of chance (for example each 10th game wins)                                                                  - Always a winner (game goes untill player wins)
  2. Tokens / freeplay or money (The tokens are customizable as well
We can fill the machine with plastic capsules in the sizes 50mm, 68mm, 90mm or 100mm in various colours. We also offer a wide range of pluche.

Capsules, tokens, pluche and other items can you find in the webshop under aditional items. 

Machines are available in Anthracite, yellow, red, white and gold. And for additional payment in each RAL colour you like. 

  1. Basic: Your logo/design on the top front, top left and top right
  2. Deluxe: Your logo/design on the top front, top left and top right, bottom left and bottom right
  3. Ultra: Machine wil be completely spraypainted with high quality industrial paint in the RAL colour of your choice. After this it wil be stickered in the top and bottom front, left and right