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Crane machine "Jewellery crane"


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Jewellery Box is a specialised watch and jewellery crane. The Jewellery Box is built with an all steel cabinet designed for maximum durability and security. Most importantly Jewellery Box contains proven and reliable crane wagon, harnessing, electronics and software as all other ICE cranes do.

The crane has the look, feel, and finish of an ICE product. It's a crane that will show well in any location whether it's an arcade or shopping mall. It has the flashy eye catching appeal synonymous with all ICE products, and yet the jewellery being displayed is what stands out the most in this crane between the display shelves and the high gloss black stone that compliments the jewellery. This will be one tough crane to pass by without trying at least once.

  • Optional top diamond light
  • Two large display shelves
  • Supplied with high gloss ultra black stone for display
  • Padded prize area