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Pool-/Snooker billiard "Calissia"


Calissia is a luxurious pool table for demanding players.

Table can be furnished with 4 or 6 legs.also available as a 9ft.
Absolutely perfect craftsmanship, visible in every detail.
This billiard will surely be a decorative asset even in a very high class places.

  • Slate thickness: 30 mm
  • Standard colours: light brown (oak), red brown (mahogany), dark brown (palisander)
  • Standard cloth colours: yellow - green, blue - green, blue, red
  • Cloth: Simonis 860
  • Rubber cushions by Artemis
  • If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables
Available in 9ft, 10ft, 12ft

  9ft: 284 x 157 x 85

10ft: 314 x 172 x 85

12ft: 385 x 206 x 85