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Poolbilliard "Dutch Master"


The Dutch Master is an exclusive pool table suitable for elegant interiors.

Its sculpted legs and classicist design make the table look solid and more sophisticated than other tables on the market. Attention to every detail, leather pockets, the best quality of the cloth and carefully selected Italian slates helped us create a table of the highest quality! 

  • Weight - 500 kg
  • Slate thickness - 19 - 30 mm
  • Table colours - light brown (oak), red brown (mahogany), dark brown (palisander)
  • Cloth colours - yellow - green, blue - green, blue, red
  • Cloth - Eurospeed, Simonis 860, Milliken
  • Rubber cushions by TBS
  • If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables
Available in 9ft
Width: 157 cm
Height: 85 cm
Depth: 284 cm