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Poolbilliard "Olimpic 3"


Olimpic III is a fully professional pool table designed to match every interior. Rounded bands, top quality Italian slate, tournament cloth and solid construction guarantees players' satisfaction!

This table is dedicated for professional players and should be a compulsory equipment for each professional pool club or a bowling.

Differences between Olimpic and Olimpic III are underlined by aluminum elements. This table is built only from finest materials.

Available as a 9 ft.
This tables is certified by PZBIL.
  • Slate thickness: 30 mm
  • Standard colours: light brown (oak), red brown (mahogany), dark brown (palisander)
  • Standard cloth colours: yellow - green, blue - green, blue, red
  • Standard cloth: Simonis 860
  • Rubber cushions: Artemis
  • If Standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables