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Poolbilliard "Viking" on profit share base


If you have the location and you want a pooltable and maybe some other amusement for your guests but dont want to invest or service the machines.. Operations is an intereseting service for you.. We do the investment, service etc. and you get 50% of the revenue! This service is available for The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.If you want more information about operations you can check contact us. 

The Viking is a hugely popular coin operated table made of HPL laminated plywood.

It is appropriate for restaurant, pub, bar and hotel use. Its most outstanding characteristics are its highly durable construction and reliability.

The electric ball release mechanism makes any unauthorised tampering impossible.

The Viking has an aluminium cushion frame designed to increase its resistance to damage.

The frame's rounded shape makes it impossible to place any objects on its surface.

The Viking is available in the following sizes: 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft.
  • Weight: 240 - 500 kg
  • Slate thickness: 19 - 22 mm
  • Table colours: basic - black, red brown (mahogany)
  • Cloth colours: yellow - green, blue - green, blue, red
  • Cloth: Eurospeed
  • Rubber cushions by TBS
  • Coin selector: mechanical, mechanical with micro switch, electronic
  • If standard does not meet your needs we offer customized tables

Sizes (length x width x height cm):

  • 6ft: 210 x120 x 85
  • 7ft: 228 x129 x 85
  • 8ft: 254 x142 x 85